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Your experiences of marrying a Russian bride

Entirely positive

Entirely positive. As I have a marriage certificate with a hammer and sickle on it, you can tell how long I've been married. - (Old Communists)

"She even got me arrested"

I married my Ukrainian wife in 2004. At the time she was working for a Ukrainian TV channel as a journalist.

She gave that up to come and live with me in Britain, on the south coast of England . Looking back it all seems so crazy, what happened - yet it did.

My Ukrainian wife bought her two daughters with her. They were both aged 17. We all lived together in my modest apartment.

In 2007 my wife said she wanted to leave me. She moved into a small flat in Eastbourne, where I later discovered she was having an affair with her landlord. However the affair ended and she moved back in with me. A few months later she moved out again, permanently this time. Then she started divorce proceedings against me, claiming half my house and possessions.

I was forced into a long legal wrangle with her, which cost me about £48,000. Fortunately I ended up winning, because she had her legal aid withdrawn when it became obvious she had not told the truth when she applied for it.

Looking back I can see how stupid I was, how many tell-tale signs there were that things werenít quite right. She was much too friendly with her camera team when she was filming in the Ukraine. I even found out she was putting her own details back on the dating website I found her on, a year after she had been living with me! I even e-mailed her, pretending to be a possible husband, when I was already married to her, and she suggested we should meet up!

I found her children were unpleasant and only after money. They seriously thought I was going to pay for them to fly back to the Ukraine at regular intervals, when I was already giving them free board and lodging in this country.

I admit I was partially to blame. I should have seen the warning signs a mile off, but I didnít. I even let her come back to me when she finished her affair with her landlord after she left me the first time round.

But I donít regret everything about it. I liked her parents and family in the Ukraine who treated me kindly when I met them. And I saw many places in the Ukraine I never would have seen as an ordinary tourist.

But all in all Iíve had a great deal of hassle and lost a great deal of money marrying a Ukrainian woman. The last time I saw her was in court, when she was suing me for half my money. She got £500 instead.

They say love is blind. It was in my case. I should have seen the truth much sooner, but I didnít. I really was in love with her and that affected my judgement. She even got me arrested because she knew it would play well later in the divorce courts. I canít believe what a ruthless and calculating woman she really was. (Name and address supplied - the author Christopher Coin has thoroughly checked this case.)

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