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How to Marry a

Russian Bride

Aa ‘a’ in ‘father’
Бб ‘b’ in ‘book’
Вв ‘v’ in ‘vote’
Гг ‘g’ in ‘good’
Дд ‘d’ in ‘day’
Ее ‘ye’ in ‘yes’
Ëë ‘yo’ in ‘yonder’
Жж ‘s’ in ‘pleasure’
Зз ‘z’ in ‘zone’
Ии ‘ee’ in ‘meet’
Йй ‘y’ in ‘boy’
Кк ‘k’ in ‘kind’
Лл ‘l’ as in ‘full’
Мм ‘m’ in ‘man’
Нн ‘n’ in ‘note’
Оо ‘o’ in ‘pot’
Пп ‘p’ in ‘pen’
Рр rolled ‘r’
Сс ‘s’ in ‘speak’
Тт ‘t’ in ‘too’
Уу ‘oo’ in ‘fool’
Фф ‘f’ in ‘fire’
Хх ‘h’ in ‘loch’
Цц ‘tz’ in ‘quartz’
Ч ‘ch’ in ‘chair’
Шш ‘sh’ in ‘short’
Щщ ‘shch’
Ъъ soft sign: softens the preceding consonant
Ыы ‘i’ as in ‘ill’
Ьь hard sign: keeps the preceding consonant hard
Ээ ‘e’ in ‘men’
Юю ‘u’ in ‘university’
Яя ‘ya’ in ‘yard’

(Based on the explanations given in The Penguin Russian Course, JLI Fennell, Penguin Books)

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