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About this discussion forum

This HTML document replaces a much more sophisticated php-based discussion forum. Although that forum did attract some interesting comment it also offered a tempting target to fraudulent posters, who used it to post multiple back-links to other sites.

The most important comments from that discussion board were saved however, and appear here, in the various pages of this forum.

Although the powerful functionality of the previous forum has been lost, YOU CAN STILL POST YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS BOARD. All you have to do is click on one of the many e-mail links on these pages, which will take you to a hotmail prompt. Simply type your comment into the hotmail window and click on 'send' and I will receive your comment. I will not publish your e-mail address nor contact you unless requested. All reasonable comment will be published, critical or otherwise, provided it is fairly and reasonably worded.

Christopher Coin

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