How to marry a Russian bride
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My own thoughts about the book - by Christopher Coin

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It is now just over four years since I first sat down to write 'How To Marry A Russian Bride.' In the intervening time, much has changed in Russia.

It is therefore hardly surprising that many of the details in 'How To Marry A Russian Bride' are now out of date: the price of a metro ticket, how much a captain in the Moscow police earns, even the state of Domodedevo Airport - all these things have changed since I was there.

Yet there is another sense in which this book will never go out of date; for Russia will always be a land of ice- bound winters, of devastating cold in winter and burning heat in summer; a land of extremes, both of climate and of wealth, without the generous welfare systems we are used to in the West.

And so it is that I suspect that Russian women will always want to escape - escape from the grey apartment blocks of suburban Moscow, away from an exhausting and congested and dusty commute to work, away to that golden country called England, where the weather is mild and they actually have pensions you can live on.

For me this book has been something of a journey. It was a journey of self-discovery in learning how to write, and how I write, and perhaps more importantly - how not to write.

Now I am at the end of this journey. My book is published and it has been read by my friends and acquaintances. Almost without exception they have been kind in their comments, including some who had the option not to read it, or to return it quietly without saying anything but who took the time to phone me and tell me how much they liked it.

Of course they were not without their criticisms, in general far less strong than my own misgivings about this book; but what has struck me is how uniform most people have been in their appreciation.

Now it is time to go out into the big wide world, to see if a few more people will read my book. Does that mean I am desperate to acquire a literary agent, or a giant publishing contract? Not at all. For the time being I am happy simply to get more positive feedback, simply to listen to people who have read the book - and who have genuinely enjoyed it.

April 2010

Christopher Coin

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