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Thinking about marrying a Russian bride? Then start here, while there's still time to change your mind...
This site has been set up as a genuinely independent source of information for those thinking of marrying a Russian bride.

Why is this site different? Because it tells you the truth, gives you an honest appreciation of your chances of making a marriage to a Russian bride work in the long term - and the truth is, that isn't very likely.

That's why you won't find any pictures of half-naked Russian women slouching on beds.

But you will get a lot of information to help you decide whether it's a good idea to marry a Russian bride - or whether in fact you should think again.

If you work your way through this website - and if you read the review of other books about marrying a Russian bride, you should be able to grasp the main issues involved.

There are links to other useful sites and a discussion forum which you may find interesting.

Finally this site has another role - a role somewhat at variance with what has just been said. For one of the purposes of this site is to provide a source of information about Russia and Moscow, for those who want to know a little more about this fascinating country.

For this reason you can take a tour of the world-famous Moscow metro, which I write about in my book. You can have a look at several other websites which offer fascinating depictions of Russia.

In fact, this website is a bit like the book. It says: 'Russia is a fascinating place, a place worth visiting and a place worth understanding', but it also says; 'think very carefullly before you actually marry a Russian bride'.

Christopher Coin

Review of other books about marrying a Russian bride
Click here to read a review of 'Russian Bride Guide' by Stuart J. Smith and Olga Maslova

This book is probably the widest read (and certainly the best-marketed) book about marrying a Russian Bride. But can you trust its contents? Click here to read more...

And if you really must marry a Russian bride, you had better take a look at these sites... is currently off-web, but it's so important I'm leaving it here in case it comes back on line

Russian detective has some useful free information but be careful before parting with any money. has a lot of information about all manner of internet scams - including ones involving Russian brides.

Red attempts to guide you through the mass of obstacles involved in travelling to, living in and even working in Russia. There are discussion forums about almost every aspect of ex-pat life in Russia, including visas, apartment rents and just generally living in Russia.

Have a look at Yandex
Yandex is a giant search engine - a bit like Google - only for Russia. The main home page has lots of sections - motoring, finance, and sport, and more importantly from your perspective, a giant free database of personal ads, for people looking for partners.

Click here to see Rambler's home page: the 'dating' section is accessed by clicking on the 'dating' icon in the left-hand column

So for those of you who haven't been listening to a word I've been saying, here's how to search Rambler's giant database of Russian women, who actually exist, for free...

How to marry in Russia If you want to actually get married in Russia, this site guides you though what's involived in dealing with the Russian authorities. It's complicated, but actually not very expensive.

Visa rules for British citizens travelling to Russia
This advice comes from the website of the British Embassy in Moscow. It is subject to frequent update. is one of the best sites for people living, working or travelling in Russia is probably the biggest and most comprehensive discussion forum for expats living or working in Russia. It's got a mass of sub-forums, including one called marriage to a Russian citizen. This is a genuinely useful website for those heading East.
How To Marry A Russian Bride is the story of three Englishmen who go to Moscow on a romance tour. It's a bitter-sweet comedy which will appeal to anyone with an interest in Russia - as well as anyone marrying a Russian bride. Click here to read excerpts from the book

Why did I write the book? Because a few years ago I had a number of friends who were married to Russian women. One by one they left their English husbands - sometimes as soon as they had qualified for British residency.

Eventually I realised there was a pattern here - and a story just waiting to be told, a story of silliness and delusion and hidden motives; a story which was at times funny and at times profound, but above all a story which was about Russia, that far away and fascinating place.

Eventually our three heroes return to Britain, but who will find happiness? And who will wish they had never married their beautiful Russian wife?
'How To Marry A Russian Bride' - now on Kindle
Click here to read excerpts from the book

Why I have written this book
by Christopher Coin

I happened to speak Russian. One day I decided to start a conversation group for other English people who could speak this difficult language.

After a while we decided to try to find a native Russian speaker to help us with our pronunciation. In so doing I came into contact with a number of Russian women - all of whom had married British men.

As time went by these Russian women gradually became my friends. I was able to get to know them well. These Russian women fascinated me. They were so different from English women in a number of ways.

Firstly of course, they were almost all attractive and sometimes...

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Reviews of the book
From the discussion board

"I felt I'd got at least two kinds of reading experience: on the one hand a fascinating introduction to contemporary Russia; and on the other a "Carry On" British social comedy with a sting in its tail. An excellent first book. What has Mr Coin got on the boil now I wonder?"

"In my opinion the book would make an excellent and entertaining film if the same lightness of touch could be maintained."
From the Amazon reviews

My own thoughts about the book
by Christopher Coin

It is now just over four years since I first sat down to write 'How To Marry A Russian Bride.' In the intervening time, much has changed in Russia.

It is therefore hardly surprising that many of the details in 'How To Marry A Russian Bride' are now out of date: the price of a metro ticket, how much a captain in the Moscow police earns, even the state of Domodedevo Airport - all these things have changed since I was there.

Yet there is another sense in which this book will never go out of date...

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Scroll here for some great Russian websites
Take a tour of the Moscow metro... Click here to explore the wonderful Moscow Metro
The Moscow Metro is one of the great wonders of the world. Explore it on a genuine Russian site, with a host of marvelous photographs, and read about it at 'Excerpt 2' from ''How to marry a Russian Bride' at this website.

Click here for some great Russian reportage
English-Russia is a stunning collection of photos about Russia. You can spend hours browsing here...

Click here to go to the 'RT' website
The RT Television website is a bright and constantly updated news platform with a great mix of news and trivia from Russia.

Click here to visit this amazing compendium of Soviet-era literature This is one of the most amazing websites I have ever found. It is bulging with fascinating summaries of the work of all the major Soviet-era writers. This website gives a tremendous sense of place and time - of Soviet Russia that is, when everything was filtered through the prism of Communist orthodoxy...abosulutely amazing...
Have you found a great russian website? Then e-mail the author and I'll post it here...

Journal Drugova: another must-visit site
Click here to visit this amazing Russian photo-blog
'Journal Droogova' is one of the most popular Russian photo-blogs. Although the text is all in Russian the pictures are still here to take a look...

Tour the Russian blogosphere with Siberian Light
Click here to visit this one-stop shop for the Russian blogosphere

'Siberian Light' is your handy one-stop shop for touring the Russian blogosphere click here to take a look...

And for some light relief why not try the Copydude ? Click here to read Copydude's lighthearted take on Russian women
Will a pretty Russian woman stay pretty after leaving Russia? The Copydude thinks he knows... This site has plenty of light-hearted comment - as well as some more serious stuff as well. And don't forget his Russian women FAQ's for even more capers.

RW Primer is a forum devoted to marrying Russian brides. It says it's a not-for-profit site, and I can't see any obvious sponsors, but it's still giving the impression that it's a good idea to marry a Russian bride - and you know what I think of that. is run by the authors of Russian Bride Guide and again, it gives the impression that it's a good idea to marry a Russian bride. However there's some useful material here, so I'm including it. (The central assumption of this site is the same as the book, namely that if you follow the authors' advice you can avoid being scammed and conned by a gold digger. In a sense that's true, but in the long run Anglo-Russian marriages still have a terrible attrition rate.)